Track all the files on other people's phones


Now the app track phone file's is the easiest way to see all the files on other people's phones and transfer the necessary ones to our phone

The app that is going to introduce you to friends today is a very useful and helpful app. Through usage you will realize that this will become the best app to save our time. 

When we send videos and other files from one phone to another, we usually use apps like Extender and Share app or systems like Bluetooth and infrared. But what is the drawback of all these, when using these two phones should be with each other at the same time and keep a certain distance .

 Also it takes a lot of time to send files. More files will take more time. But this app will help you to solve all this. Mainly what this app does is that you need to receive files from any phone, this app provides a system that allows us to see all the data on that phone at any place and download what we need to our phone or save it. 

 For that, if we clear the settings using this app on both phones, we can easily save files from one phone to the other phone and transfer them back. Apart from this, this app will help us to see what files are on the other phone completely and control the customer or our partner who is using the other phone.

Use the below link to download this app . 

Download The App

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