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Doorstep service is a very important project in the 100 day action plan of the Government of Kerala. The aim of the scheme is to set up a system to ensure that benefits do not have to go directly to government offices to receive benefits from the government. Doorstep is a door-to-door service of government services with the help of Asha activists and volunteer volunteers.


People over 60 years of age



People with mobility impairment

Services included in the first phase

Life Certificate


Social Security Pension

Application to the Chief Minister's Disaster Relief Fund

Life-saving drugs

Nodal Department

The door-to-door service scheme is implemented by the Local Self Government Department.

Other departments

Department of Health

Department of Social Justice

Directorate of Social Volunteers

Project implementation

Local Governments will prepare a list of beneficiaries and ensure that the required services are delivered to the beneficiary doorstep by the Asha activists and the volunteers who assist them.

Four constituencies namely Azhikode, Pattambi, Changanassery and Kattakada have been selected for the pilot project. In addition, some local governments have been selected for palliative care. The first phase will be implemented in a total of 50 local bodies. The government will implement the door-to-door service at the state level this year itself, after reviewing the implementation of the three-month plan.


Door-to-door service is a scheme designed to bring government services to the doorsteps of the deserving by forming a team that is willing to volunteer continuously, over a period of time. Through Local Self-Government Institutions, each volunteer will have the opportunity to interact and engage in relief work with marginalized sections of the community, such as the elderly, the disabled, sexual minorities, and those suffering from serious illness and extreme poverty. This gives you a great opportunity to nurture humanity, leadership, coordination and social skills. Through these activities, a great start to the public service Awareness.

Age range 18 to 50

Door-to-door service is open to those who have been in the service for at least six consecutive months.

If you are unable to register, please contact us at stating the reason.

Since door-to-door service involves the most deserving people in the community, one should be prepared to perform one's duties with the utmost sincerity and compassion.

Particular care should be taken to ensure the privacy of patients in need of health care medications.

Must be willing to work with Local Self Government Representative, Asha and Kudumbasree workers.

During the period of service, traveling allowance and incidental expenses will be paid by the local bodies.

Volunteers who are currently registered with the Volunteer Force, after logging in, update their profile through the Doorstep service menu. Then register if you are ready for door-to-door service.

Newly registered volunteers have the option of volunteering for door-to-door service at the time of registration.

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