Free Used Car,Bike,Scooter & Mobile Valuation Application

OBV is the most unique and accurate FREE valuation app for used automobiles. It is India’s first algorithmic pricing engine in order to find Fair Market Price of any used vehicle in just 10 seconds for free. OBV uses advanced 21st-century machine learning & data science methodology for all its calculations. OBV is industry first pricing benchmark USA Patented (Provisional) tool, which is completely Independent, Unbiased, and Objective present across 38+ countries across the world.

OBV is an advanced tool by Droom - India's largest online transactional automobile marketplace, that covers a wide range of vehicle categories and its includes cars, motorcycles, scooters, bicycles and planes - covering 55K+ products from 150+ makes, and 5000+ models available across 38 countries across the world spanning across Europe, Asia, Middle East and Australia.

With more than 300 Million+ trusted users worldwide, OBV has been used as a trusted partner for more than a million transactions. OBV ensures that you get the fair market value of the vehicle and we provide a premium valuation report. In addition to this, OBV Premium Valuation Report has been launched that enables to get more statistics and data for better understanding, which helps a user take a well-informed decision while buying or selling a used vehicle.

Using OBV is extremely easy: Just enter the make, model, year, trim and kilometers driven to get the fair market price of any used vehicle. Since launch, OBV has seen 300 Million+ pricing queries and adoption from 245K+ auto dealers across India. Get your FREE report now with OBV!


Fair Market Price of Any Used Vehicle Under 10 seconds for free

Only Pricing Benchmark Tool in India which is Independent, Objective and Unbiased

Based on 21st century Data Science and Machine Learning Methodology

Used by over 450 Mn+ users

Used by over 350k+ auto dealers across India

Used by leading Banks, Insurance Companies, NBFCs and OEMs

US Patent Pending

Used Vehicle Pricing for Bicycles, Scooters, Bikes, Cars and Planes

Who Should Use OBV


Use India’s De facto industry standard for used vehicle pricing to get the fair market price of any used vehicle under 10 seconds for free.


Use OBV to make sure you get paid what buyer is willing to pay versus suffering from huge markup margin of a middleman.

Used Vehicle Dealer

Acquire used vehicle for reselling with no markup margin of a middleman using OBV.

New Vehicle Dealer

Get OBV for exchange vehicle valuation to acquire and dispose of any vehicle efficiently.

Bank and NBFCs

Use OBV Pricing certification services before writing-off auto loan for used vehicles.

Insurance Companies

Calculate right Insured Declared Value (IDV) of any used vehicle using OBV.

Ride & Taxi Hailing Companies

Help the drivers acquire mint condition vehicles with used vehicle pricing certification from OBV.

Repo Companies

Dispose of a repossessed vehicle with pricing certificate for a faster transaction.


How is Orange Book Value Different from other pricing engines in the world?

Orange book value takes an entirely algorithmic and data science approach to determine the fair price range of any used automobile rather than determining the prices based on past transactions. Also, Orange book value is the only pricing engine that determines the fair price range of any used automobile and not limited only to cars.

Why Orange Book Value is necessary?

Estimating the fair price for any used automobile is not an easy task and often the buyer feels that he/ she has paid more than the actual worth of the vehicle and the seller feels that he/ she has sold the vehicle at a loss. So Orange Book Value is definitely necessary to make sure both the buyer and seller leave the table happy at the end of a transaction.

How Orange Book value benefits the seller?

When a buyer is interested in a listing created by a seller, he/ she will get a pricing from orange book value. This will give trust to the buyer and the buyer will not negotiate with the seller while pursuing the transaction. Also, the seller will have a better throughput with the listings.

How Orange Book Value benefits the buyer?

When a buyer is interested in a vehicle on droom, he/ she will get pricing recommendations from OBV. So he/ she can select a vehicle that is listed well within the fair price range and pursue the transaction.

What do I do after knowing the Orange Book Value of my vehicle?

Knowing the Orange book value for a vehicle can help both during buying as well as selling process. Knowing the fair price range helps a user on Droom Platform make an informed decision.




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