Degree Preliminary Examination Phase 2 Answer Key

The Kerala Public Service Commission (Kerala PSC) conducted the Common Preliminary Examination – Stage I on May 25, 2024. This examination is a critical step for candidates aspiring to secure government positions in Kerala, covering various category numbers including 433/2023, 434/2023, 527/2022, 528/2022, 544/2023, 571/2023, 572/2023, 573/2023, 574/2023, 575/2023, and 576/2023. Below, we provide an in-depth analysis of the question paper and the corresponding answer key to aid candidates in evaluating their performance.

Overview of the Common Preliminary  Examination Stage II

The Common Preliminary Examination is designed to test the general knowledge, quantitative aptitude, and reasoning abilities of the candidates. It serves as a filtering mechanism to select eligible candidates for the main examination, ensuring only the most competent individuals proceed.

Exam Details:

Post Name : Assistant Manager,Marketing Organizer,Excise Inspector(Trainee), Secretary Local Self Government Institutions,Sub Inspector Of Police(Trainee) (KCP)- Open Market, Armed Police Sub Inspector(Trainee) - Open Market,

Date of Examination: May 25, 2024

Mode of Exam : OMR

Category Number: 433/2023,434/2023,527/2022, 528/2022 ,544/2023,571/2023,572/2023,573/2023 ,574/2023,575/2023,576/2023

Exam date : 25.05.2024

Kerala PSC Common Preliminary Examination Structure

The question paper comprised multiple-choice questions (MCQs) across various subjects:

General Knowledge: Questions related to current affairs, history, geography, and culture of India and Kerala.

Quantitative Aptitude: Problems involving arithmetic, algebra, geometry, and data interpretation.

Reasoning Ability: Questions designed to test logical reasoning and analytical skills.

Analysis of Question Paper

General Knowledge

The general knowledge section was comprehensive, covering a wide range of topics from national and international events to specific facts about Kerala’s history and culture. Notably, questions about recent government schemes and significant global events were prevalent, emphasizing the need for candidates to stay updated with current affairs.

Quantitative Aptitude

This section tested the candidates’ mathematical skills with questions ranging from basic arithmetic to more complex problems involving algebra and geometry. Data interpretation questions required candidates to analyze graphs and charts accurately, demanding both speed and precision.

Reasoning Ability

Logical reasoning questions varied in difficulty, challenging candidates to think critically and solve problems efficiently. Puzzles, series, and pattern recognition formed a significant part of this section.

Kerala PSC Common Preliminary Examination Answer Key Stage II 25.05.2024

The Kerala PSC has released the official answer key for the Common Preliminary Examination – Stage I. This key is instrumental for candidates to cross-check their answers and estimate their scores. Below is a segment of the answer key for reference:

Post Name Question Paper Answer Key

Common Preliminary Examination – Stage II: Click Here Click Here

Importance of the Answer Key

The answer key serves multiple purposes:

Self-Evaluation: Candidates can assess their performance and identify areas needing improvement.

Transparency: It ensures the examination process remains transparent and fair.Preparation for Main Exam: Understanding the correct answers helps in better preparation for the main examination.

The Kerala PSC Common Preliminary Examination – Stage I held on May 25, 2024, was a rigorous test of the candidates' knowledge and skills. With categories spanning from 433/2023 to 576/2023, it covered a broad spectrum of government job opportunities. The release of the answer key marks an essential step in the examination process, providing candidates with the necessary tools to evaluate their performance.

Candidates are encouraged to utilize the answer key effectively to gauge their results and prepare for the subsequent stages of the selection process. Continuous learning and staying updated with current affairs are vital for success in such competitive examinations.

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