It is easy to know if someone has forged a mobile SIM card in your ID proof

Want to know how many mobile SIM cards are in our ID proof? We can find out if anyone other than us has given our ID proof and taken the SIM card.

First open the link in your internet browser . When it is open , .

Then click on the “ get your OTP ” option at the bottom and when you have reached the otp mobile number, enter the OTP and press validate. Then a new page will open for you. There you can see other numbers taken with ID proof added to the mobile number you registered with.

Check all the numbers clearly .If any mobile number is not taken with your permission then click on the box next to that number and select then click on the box “this is not my number ” and then press the report below that number will then be removed from your ID proof Will be and then cut.

Similarly another option is if the number is yours but if it is not used then click on the option “this is my number not required” in the second box and then that number will be removed from your ID.

With this option, you can find the 9 digit number in your ID proof .This is a trusted option under the Department of Telecom.

Another thing is that data loading on this web server does not necessarily show recently taken numbers .But it will be available later when they upload.

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