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A Health ID will give you complete ownership over your health history. Your Health ID is a hassle-free method of accessing and sharing your health records digitally. It enables your interaction with participating healthcare providers, and allows you to receive your digital lab reports, prescriptions and diagnosis seamlessly from verified healthcare professionals and health service providers

Why create a Health ID?

Using a Health ID is the first step towards creating safer and efficient digital health records for you and your family. You can opt-in to create a digitally secure Health ID, which allows you to access and share your health data with your consent, with participating healthcare providers and payers


Digital Health Records

Access your information right from admission to treatment and discharge in a paperless manner

Easy sign up

Create your Health ID using only your basic information alongwith Mobile Number, or Aadhaar

Voluntary Opt-In

Participate at your own free will and choose to create your Health ID voluntarily

Voluntary Opt-Out

You can request erasure of your data anytime

Personal Health Records (PHR)

Access and link your Personal Health Records (PHR) with Health ID to create longitudinal health history ​

Easy PHR Sign Up

Create easy to remember PHR Address

Consent based access

Access to your health data is provided after your clear and informed consent. You have the ability to manage and revoke consent, if needed.

Access to doctors

Enables access to verified doctors across the country

Secure and Private

Built with robust security and encryption mechanisms and no information is shared without your consent.

Child Health ID

Create a Health ID for your child and thus create digital health records right from birth

Add a nominee

Add nominee to access your Health ID and view or help manage your records

Inclusive access

Available to people with smartphones, feature phones, and even no phones using assisted methods

Health ID will make it easy for you to securely access and manage your health data digitally. You can create your Health ID using just your Mobile Number or Aadhaar Number.

You will also get to setup a PHR (Personal Health Records) Address for consent management, and subsequent sharing of health records.

The Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission (ABDM) aims to develop the backbone necessary to support the integrated digital health infrastructure of the country. It aims to bridge the existing gap amongst different stakeholders of healthcare ecosystem through digital highways.

NDHM Health Records

NDHM Health Records is a personal health viewer app from National Health Authority, Govt of India. The citizens can get a longitudinal view of the personal health record by creating and linking the health ID with the visited health care facilities.This app helps the citizens to maintain their health record at one place.

The services provided by the app to the citizens are:

1) Option to Create a unique Health ID to manage the health records

2) Option to Link the health ID with various health care facilities including Hospital, Clinic and Labs

3) Option to Request the health data from the linked health care facilities on to the phone and have a longitudinal view of the health data at the finger tips.

4) Option to deny or grant permission, If any doctors, labs or clinics request to view the health data


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